Tiny Travel Laptop?

by Scott on December 16, 2009

Recently CherryPal announced a new netbook for $99.  At first you think $99 that’s awesome! Other then being one of the first to break the $100 OLPC goal price point, you will need to look closely if this is the right netbook for you.


To CherryPals credit they are marketing it as “small, slow, sufficient”.  If you look at it, it has small down in spades.   It s small processor at 400Mhz, small memory at 256Meg ram,  small hard drive 2Gb and comes in at 1.2 kgs (2.6  lbs).  Not to mention the small price tag as well.  The small storage could be increased by adding an SD card or a thumbdrive.

Slow?  It’s got that covered as well.  Let’s face it though, this isn’t made to be editing photos and video.  This is for someones writing and journals and for emailing home.  The netbook size will help those that can’t do any ‘real’ writing on a smartphone.

Sufficient?  Misses the mark in my book.  It’s squarely because of Windows CE and the Linux GMo (whats that?) .  The computers with Windows Ce that I’ve used all have not been able to load the websites I normally go to.  One of the biggest reasons people bring their own laptops on the road with them is so they can check their bank accounts to see if they have any money left.  Windows CE has had problems with secure banking and email.  Testing with your bank would be a must before traveling.  There is always the Ubuntu Netbook Remix you could load.  That takes a little tech savy-ness though.

We’ll definitely have to keep an eye on this for incremental improvements.

Via Liliputing

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