Why is Matador left out?

by Scott on January 5, 2010

Yesterday I read Elliott.orgs 10 Twitter Users Worth Following in 2010 where I ended up following many of them.  At the bottom in the ‘you may also like these stories’ there’s a link to the 8 top travel websites.  Being a sucker for lists I just had to click it to see if I was missing anything.  It’s a pretty good list but there seems to be one gapping omition.

Where’s Matador?

I like Matador.  It’s one of the 24 Top Sites I have pinned to my Safari startup.  I like the style and feel of their site and the writing.  The writers seem like people you’d have a great time with and that you’d tell stories about your adventures for years to come.  (and no I’m not trolling for comments here, it’s really one of my favorite sites)

So why does it fall off many of the “Top lists”.  I did a little digging.

Here are the same 8 sites on Elliott.orgs 2008 Top travel blogs and why you should care.  Which makes a good point and is still relevant.  I’ve updated the list to 2010, dropped the Technorotti rankings since they have changed since then and replaced it with unique visitors.

Travelpod ( Alexa Rank 4033, Visitors 505,439)

Gothamist (Alexa Rank 8290, Visitors 427,568)

Gadling (Alexa Rank  14399, Visitors 569,172)

Gridskipper (Alexa Rank 94008, Visitors 38,032)

Travelblog (Alexa Rank 4614, Visitors 461,852)

Bootsnall (Alexa Rank 17414, Visitors 186,529)

Jaunted (Alexa Rank 21935, Visitors 169,878)

Worldhum (Alexa Rank 50,159, Visitors 88,123)

(Visitor stats were taken from Compete.com Jan 4 2010 and show Nov 2009 unique visitor numbers, Alexa rankings from Alexa.com)

Why doesn’t Matador show up on this list?  If you look closely when you go there you’ll notice that when you click on a story say for What Lurks on the Youth Hostel Bookshelf it actually brings you to a different website Matadornights.com.  When someone searches by ranking for by unique traffic it doesn’t show up because each topic has it’s own url.  If you add up what all of the websites you’ll get a better idea how popular the site is.

MatadorNetwork sites (Alexa Rank Not available, Visitors 210,947)

Given the traffic numbers will be duplicated a bit, but it is also better segmented by topic.  Raw traffic would place it 5th. It’s definitely on my top 9 travel website list.

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