The iPad will change publishing as we know it

by Scott on April 5, 2010

Mark my words: the iPad will change publishing as you know it.   Feel free to quote me on that, even if I’m not the first to say it.

And it has nothing to do with Apple really.

They’re just the ones that are kicking down the door that the Kindle introduced and ePub cracked open.

It’s not Apple that is going to make electronically delivered content a success, it’s the publishers.  They have finally seen the light.

Publishers worldwide have stopped and taken notice of this: the ability to publish without the added cost of printing.

All publishers are in the same boat.   Newspapers, Magazines, books.  All are clamoring to get their products delivered electronically.  Same product without all of the expense of the physical publishing.  ALL send their content electronically to the printer, so digital delivery isn’t (or at least ) shouldn’t be that great of a stretch.

I personally do not subscribe to the WSJ at something like $250 a month but at $17, geez why wouldn’t I?  Similarly, part of the reason I don’t subscribe to the NYT? Because I don’t want the dumbed down outside edition.  If I could get the same edition online that people could buy off the stand in New York, I’d probably buy it.

But it also creates a new problem:

As a writer or content provider why do I need a publisher now?

Think about it.

So they can sell my product for $9.99 only to give me a fraction of the cost?  If you are a publishing company and your main source of income is selling an electronic  product written by someone else.  Why do I need you?

Because there are no middle men and it is in every writers best interest to self publish now.  Why would any author sign with a publishing company, only to receive a fraction of the selling price to a company that does not provide the distribution channels needed with print?  There is no difference between an author deliverying an electronic product and a publibhing company doing it. <click> SEND

The difference between the publishing industry and the music industry is that in the music industry it may take years growing and grooming a band.  The middle men are the ones keeping the group going until they make it big and when they do: there are bills to pay.  That isn’t needed in publishing.  Given, it does help but a savvy writer can do it themselves.

Publishing will be a bit different.  In an electronically delivered world and author can self launch and if the title is successful enough only then publish a hard copy.


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