Finding Wifi with Scanners

by Scott on June 15, 2010

Traveling in areas that have a lot of interference for wifi can be frustrating. Many times there are a couple computers as well as a couple phones that all are trying to get onto the internet.

If you travel with your own travel router to connect all the gadgets of everyone traveling with you or even if you are able to connect through your phone, which channels are best? Should you just turn it on and hope for the best?

This is where inSSDer comes in handy. inSSDer is a free frequency scanner that allows you to see all of the available wifi signals you computer sees in the area. To get better reception you need to manually set your router to one of the channels that are less congested. There is nothing surreptitious about using inSSIDer. It merely looks at what if already being broadcast nearby.

inSSDer is available at MetaGeek

It’s also a little helpful to find other locations you may not know about. ‘Hey there’s a Starbucks nearby’ More commonly it may be a smaller locally run shop that doesn’t have the national recognition. You may have overlooked it, but now you know you should stop in, try their food and enjoy their wifi.

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