Make your Gear less of a Target

by Scott on June 16, 2010

Everyone wants to remember their travels, either through writing, photographs or through video.  That’s part of the whole travel experience.

On thing that may put your mind at ease a bit before whipping out your camera in areas you may not be familiar with,, or that do not have the best reputation is to uglify it.  Think of it more as “urban camouflage”.

The idea is not to call attention to yourself with a gadget.  The message it sends sometimes is ‘hey look at my new expensive tech gear, please take it from me.’

This was featured on Lifehacker a year a ago, but it’s idea still holds true.  Jimmie had used his uglified camera in Rio for 5 months without it getting jacked.  He was also careful not to be conspicuous while using it, which never hurts.  Jimmie was even mugged and they left the camera but took his cell phone.

Since Jimmie has done this smaller digital video recorders, such as the Flip, have come on the market that you could uglify as well.   A few minutes with some tape and a grease pen and you have instant tourist junk that is more likely to get overlooked.

My Ugly Camera found via Lifehacker

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