The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers Reviews

by Scott on October 8, 2010

The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers

Budget Travel magazine isn’t just about the best travel experience at the lowest price it’s also about traveling “the right way.” Their philosophy, “Vacations for real people,” has led them to their readership for guidance, and this collection of their readers’ best 399 travel tips is an essential addition to any traveler’s library. In The Smart Traveler’s Passport, you’ll learn:

  • 13 different uses for Ziploc bags
  • How dental floss can double as a tape measure
  • Where to find the best street food in cities worldwide
  • How a digital camera can help you find your rental car
  • Why clearing your Web browser’s cache will lead to lower prices on airfare and hotel reservations
  • How to avoid long lines at the world’s most popular attractions

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Eric Jain October 8, 2010 at 9:38 am

Review by Eric Jain for The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers
Contains some good ideas — most of them related to how and what to pack. Unfortunately the majority of the tips are rather specific (e.g. how to save some money when in a specific town) and don’t really seem fitting for a book with general advice. Guess this kind of information would make more sense on a web site, but it’s good reading when stuck at an airport.

Midwest Book Review October 8, 2010 at 9:49 am

Review by Midwest Book Review for The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers
Very highly recommended for both the novice and the seasoned traveler alike, “The Smart Traveler’s Passport” is a compact, pocket-sized, 244-page compendium offering 399 practical and valuable tips from experienced travelers on everything from locating an appropriate hotel online, to what to pack in a bag small enough to carry on an aircraft, to navigating through airport security with a minimum of frustration. Included are thirteen different uses for Ziploc bags, how dental floss can double as a tape measure, where to find the best street food when in a strange city, how a digital camera can help to find your rental car, how to avoid long lines at popular attractions, and so much more. If you are contemplating a trip anywhere at home or abroad, especially if you are traveling on a budget, then “The Smart Traveler’s Passport” will prove to be a welcome and throughly ‘user friendly’ reference to getting the most out of your trip.

M. Caldwell October 8, 2010 at 10:30 am

Review by M. Caldwell for The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers
I’ve traveled all my life, both as an Army wife and then as a leisure traveler, and I only wish this book existed back then!! I’ve read the book cover to cover, and now, before I travel, I go through it to refresh my memory, as there are too many tips to remember. Some of my favorite tips are: (1)using baggies to put my toiletries, makeup, medicines, etc. for easy viewing and packing, (2) packing a soft over-the-door multi-shoe holder for shoes and the empty pockets are used for toiletries, hair dryer, hairspray, etc., especially in places where storage space is at a premium; and 3)pre-addressing labels for friends and family to make postcard mailing easier. On our recent trip to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, I used the tip of using return labels that I received in the mail for signing guests books or leaving my name and address for sale offers, etc. This book is within my reach at all times. Whether you’re new to traveling or a seasoned traveler, this will be your constant companion!!

z hayes October 8, 2010 at 10:54 am

Review by z hayes for The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers
This pocket-sized traveller’s guide contains many ideas for travellers. Though some of the ideas border on the inane, there are some pretty good tips in here, especially for frequent travellers. There are nine chapters that include travel planning, packing, time, safety, etc. I like the presentation of the content, and also the fact that the book is made to look like a real passport…and the tips in here should satisfy most travellers, and hopefully make travelling a more comfortable undertaking in this age of long lines,packed flights and high-security concerns.

Patricia L. Grove October 8, 2010 at 11:46 am

Review by Patricia L. Grove for The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers
This book is a compilation of reader-submitted tips from the 20 Travel Tips feature in Budget Magazine. A tip of mine appeared in their February 2007 issue, unfortunately I think it was a little too late to be included here. So, yes, I think I’m a little biased, but there are some cool ideas here. It’s nicely divided into sections based on all parts of your trip. The safety section is particularly good and important, of course. It does tend to focus more on foreign travel, so if you only take two trips to grandma’s house a year, it might not be worthwhile for you. But otherwise, give it a shot!

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