Keep your computer sync’d while traveling

by Scott on February 2, 2011

This is a little know website that has huge benefits for the business traveler as well as the leisure traveler.  It’s (no affiliation).

If you rely on a computer for your livelihood you will definitely want to check this out. syncs one computer to another, live.  If you make a change to a document on one computer it will automatically update the file on another computer.  So if your on a business trip where you’ve done a ton of work on your laptop you don’t have to transfer anything to your office computer when you get back.  We’ve set this up on a couple clients computers where their business is dependent on their laptops.  They have a “hot spare” at home so if they spill or drop their laptop (which happened) they grab the hot spare and thier businees isn’t affected.   You don’t have to run a hot spare if you don’t want, you can work on your laptop in your kitchen and go to you desk, continue working for a while, then go back to the laptop in the kitchen.  Making changes to the same document, All seamlessly.

PLUS it will even sync your Outlook!

Oh and the personal edition syncs up to 300 Outlook folders.  This is usually a huge problem to get set up correctly without duplicating everything.  Well there is a limit of 50 folders for the personal edition.  Normally when you use Outlook it’s difficult to have more then one computer use the same database. fixes this problem by syncing any change you make in Outlook with your other computer immediately.  Of course there are some requirements – you need to be connected to the internet.  You can also change when and how often the computers sync as well as pausing a sync if you need to.

It’s like Evernote and Dropbox but for the whole computer!

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