Mini Moleskin Pen

by Scott on March 10, 2011

I carry a mini moleskin everywhere I go.  I use it to jot down different ideas as I have them.  It’s not a full moleskin it’s the slimmer 50 page kind that fits better in the back pocket.   The one problem you run into right away is what do you write with?  You can just use any old pen and keep in your back pocket.  But for me I just know that sooner or later the pen is going to pop and make a mess probably at the worst possible time.  That’s the kind of luck I have.
There are pens out there that are made for moleskins.  Some are shorter click type pall points and some are flat that are designed to be pocketed with a moleskin.  Personally I don’t really care for flat pens, it just doesn’t feel right.  The shorter plastic pens work well, but thankfully I caught them when they cracked and before the outright broke in my pocket.
What I’ve found is a cool little pen by Zebra.  The pen is made of metal so it is less likely to break.  This is exactly what I was looking for.  Instead of a normal clicker or a turn the barrel to get the ball point out, this one you pull. The retractable pen tip is hidden by the metal tip guard when not in use. The best thing is the same size, it’s half the length of a normal pen when it’s stored. In use it’s the size, weight and feel on a normal pen.  Both the moleskin and the pen are small enough to take with you anywhere, without feeling like your whipping out a reporters pan when you want to write a note.

I found the Zebra at Office Max and they are sold in packs of two for around $5.

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