Hipmunk has an iPhone app! Woot!

by Scott on February 23, 2011

Ok I hadn’t intended this week to be mostly iPhone apps.

But this one is to cool to pass up Hipmunks new iPhone app!

Now you can take the agony out of searching for flight on your iPhone.  It doesn’t get much easier than this.  The results are very straightforward and  easy to understand.

Currently there is no in app purchasing of flights.  After you select a flight you are given a time sensitive link to complete the transaction on a computer.  I wonder if Apple wants 30% if you purchase through the app (gross speculation on my part, most likely not the case)

Get it app from the app store. Hipmunk should really have a landing page or a “we have an iPhone app” splash thingy (or acorn to stay within the theme) somewhere on their homepage.


Great RTW ticket planning tool

by Scott on January 9, 2010

Here’s a helpful tool when planning a RTW ticket.  If you’ve ever used the planners from OneWorld or Star Alliance you’ll definitly appreciate this one.  It has a clickable map that gives you a price estimate.  It’s the trip planner at BootsnAll.

The overland segments show up as red

If you’re in the beginning stages of planning your RTW trip (as I am) this site is way faster.  You still have to email your itinerary to get the most accurate prices, which is understandable.  One tip is don’t forget to select Overland if you want to fly into one city and out from another one.

The above is just a quick estimate of for my plans for this year Chicago-London-New York (TBEX)-Athens-Moscow(overland)-Ulan Bator(overland)- Bejing(overland)-Bankok/Singapore(overland)- Sydney- Seattle.  Which I already know isn’t entirely possible but it’s in the direction I would like to go.

Via BootsnAll


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