Colossal Hipmonk Infographic!

by Scott on February 9, 2011

Over at Hipmonks blog they have an infographic made by Shawn Sanders that is nothing short of mind blowing!

All you can say is WOW!!!

It’s an infographic visualizing baggage fees.  It is no surprise to anyone that baggage fees have gone up over the last couple years but once you make it visual it’s staggering!

The airline with the highest fees?  Delta.  (Gasp! I’m shocked!)  Deltas fees are more then American and United COMBINED.  Delta made $733 Million  and the next closest airline was American at $432 Million. And this only covers the first 3 quarters of 2010.  They are on track to make a Billion dollars (that’s  with a B) on Baggage fees alone!

Now I’m all for a company making money, but having fees that are nearly twice what any of your competitors are charging a little exorbitant?

Who is the Lowest?  Southwest with $23 million, no great shock there.  You have to look for it in the graphic it’s easy to miss.

I’ll skip the whole Southwest-has-made-money-forever and the other-business-models-have-always-struggled discussion.

Via Hipmonk blog

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