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Looking for a Backpack Questions

by Scott on December 28, 2009

Looking at backpacks it occurs to me that backpacking in the US is a little different then elsewhere.  Here it’s more wilderness hiking.  Many of the packs are made for weekend or weeklong camping trips in the woods.  These ones are made to haul in a couple weeks worth of food and then some people even pack out their ‘edible downloads’ so to speak.   They all seem full of pockets and straps for holding carabiners, shovels, poles, water filters, etc.   Which are all great when your camping but would probably just get caught on something as your walking though a market or running to and catch a bus or train.  Would those even last a year on the road?  It might just be me but I think I’d like to get one that doesn’t have all that stuff.  Something with a clean smooth exterior.  Maybe a waterbottle spot.  Oh and like a cell phone holder.  But that’s it!

This has probably been covered to death and I’ll be honest, I really haven’t looked into many pack guides or anything.  These are the questions I’ve come up with so far that I plan on answering in the next month or so:

How big? I’m thinking 65l. I have a hiking pack and this seems comfortable to me.

Can you really live out of 65l? Dang I hope so.  We’ll see. Thousands of people have done it, surely I can.

What kind for 6+ months? Not sure on this one.  For this I was thinking what it’s made of.

One with attached daypack? A small backpack would be nice since I really don’t like bum-bags.

What about a camera bag? I would like to bring an SLR, that’s kinda the whole point of going.

Does it matter where your going? I have no idea.  Possibly?

Am I missing anything? Probably.

When looking for a travel backpack I keep thinking that they make stuff where I’m going.  I don’t need to pack everything I need, what I need is just enough to get by.  They’ll have some sort of toothpaste I can get after my travel one runs out.


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