Extra bag fee finder

by Scott on December 20, 2009

If your planning a trip and are going to be taking extra bags long, make sure you check out  It’s a tremendously helpful website for planning and may help you decide if you really need that extra bag or not (you might want to bookmark it).

For example it shows that for a Delta flight from Atlanta to Rome, Italy the second extra bag would be $50 and the third $200.  On United the first two are free and the third is $200.  It also lists what the airline considers the standard bag weight as well as the oversized bag fee (in both cases it would be $150). It shows the differences for eacht class of service.  On Delta Business and First Class passengers get 3 free bags for the ATL-FCO flight and a standard bag weight of 70lbs, the forth bag is $ 200 with an oversized bag costing $300.  United offers 2 free bags for Business and First class passengers witht the 3&4 bag costing $200 per bag.  The oversized weight is the same but the price is $350.

LuggageLimits currently lists 109 airlines, but some state that the airline doesn’t publish bag fees and refers you to the airlines website.

I can’t remember where I got the link for this but it’s interesting to see the various price differences.


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