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Streaming Music on the Road.

by Scott on February 11, 2011

Pandora is the most familiar service, at least in the US.  More people use Pandora on their phone then on their computer.  What does that tell you?  People want their music, quick and easy without having to make their own mix tape.  After a while though you notice that even Pandora starts repeating the same songs.  On my stations for whatever reason it’ll throw in some random song from a different station (why is Johny Cash playing on my Audioslave station?)

If you would like to mix it up a bit or merely need another alternative once you’ve hit your 40 hour limit on Pandora,  try one of the other streaming music services.

Although not free, they do have a 7 day free trial,  Slacker Radio is very similar to Pandora.  Slacker is available on nearly everything from your computer to your mobile devices to you living room. has recently announced their plans to start charging $3 a month for subscriptions on mobile devices but will remain free through their website for users in the US, UK and Germany.  Not to fret though it’s still free on the xBox.

For some countries in Europe Spotify is the player of choice. I haven’t had a chance to use it as it’s not available on this side of the pond.

All of these players have some sort of free component but your better off paying for the one of their premium services which are commercial free.  You also have more flexibility to skip songs.  Make sure your device is supported if you haven’t made the jump to a smart phone yet.  Features do vary a bit, I wished I had Spotiy’s offline mode on Pandora last summer while riding NYC subways.


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