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Eee Pc 1001P

Netbooks – With the new Pine Trail class of Intel processors battery life has nearly doubled while keeping the processing speed roughly the same.  What you’ll see in the next 6 months are netbooks that are similar to what is out today only with up to 14 hour batteries.

There are several other companies dying to put their graphics cards in netbooks.  Intel is simply wrong telling customers that they don’t need to do graphics with netbooks.  Going forward keep an eye on netbooks that have switchable graphics.  The addition of a third party graphics card will allow better HD playback, photo editing and possibly video transfers.  However the small size will always make full video editing difficult.  Via Slashgear

Pixel Qi

Pixel Qi (pronounced pixel Chee)  This is the epaper display that laptop and netbooks will be introducing later this year.  It’s two major innovations are that the display is viewable in direct sunlight and that it uses a fraction of the power a normal display does when in epaper mode. When in normal mode the display uses 2.5 watts and when in epaper mode it uses 0.5 watts.  This will have a significant (positive) impact on battery life.  Put this in a netbook that already has a 14 hour battery life and a travel may only need to charge the laptop once every 3-4 days (if you only used the epaper mode for 8 hours a day).  Going forward look for these to be in a wide array of products and take note the comparison in battery life to non Pixel Qi devices.  Photo via Pixel Qi’s blog Also check out jkkmobles hands on video at CES.

Panasonic 64GB SDXC card

SDXC cards Although horribly expensive right now, Panasonic announced its 64GB cards at CES.  Engadget is also reporting that there may be 1TB cards possibly by the end of the year! 1TB?  That’s just crazy talk.  The SDXC standard supports up to 2TB but this is the first word that it may only be a couple years out.

That would give virtually every laptop, netbook and camera unlimited storage (that would also fit in the change pocket of your jeans).  via Engadget


8 Reasons to not get a Netbook for Travel

by Scott on December 24, 2009

The screens are small. Some people just can’t get used to a screen that small.  It doesn’t feel like they can do any ‘real’ work on it. They get all hunched over and squinty trying to use it.

The keyboard is cramped.  Some people  (mainly guys) think their hands are to big for the keyboard.  If you think so do a comparison with a normal laptop (one that does not have the 10 keys on the side).  It’s more of an ego thing that threatens their manhood.  Get over it, measure the keyboard.

Is it a want or need? Seriously look at why you want to bring one. Do you really Need it? Are you just bringing it to email home because a phone does that now you know.  You need is one that will do WiFi is all.

Will you break it. If you know your rough on equipment and you plan on chucking it in the bottom of your bag only to use it to ask for more money from home.   Again, get a cell phone.

No CD rom. Not having a floppy is one thing but no DVD?  That’s barbaric.  How are you going to get all those cds ripped into the netbook?  How are you going to burn a cd of pictures to send home to your mom?

You have to keep an eye on it. All the time.  If your going to worry all the time whether its going to get stolen or you take it with you to every bar and nightclub and freakout every time someone uses it as a coaster.  Save yourself the aggravation. Again bring a cell phone.

There are better ones coming out soon. There will always be better ones coming out soon.  This time you may actually want to wait however.  If your not going to be traveling this winter or spring it’s going to be worth it.  Some of the new netbooks are reporting 14 hour battery life.  Also Apple is going to release a 7inch touchpad in January. (I’d expect it to run the iPhone OS).  Which with the iPhones ability to do graphics makes it worth a look to see what it’s capable of.

You want to edit video.   Adding the occasional video to youtube once every couple months is about all your going to want to do.  If you want to do more frequent videos or to vlog your going to want a laptop. But you already knew that.

Saturday I’ll address the rumors surrounding the new Atom processor and the impending Apple release and what it means for travelers.


4 things to consider when buying a netbook

by Scott on December 23, 2009

Many people are thinking of bringing a netbook with them when they travel.  It’s easy to see why:

They’re light – most are right around 1kg.  If you have a laptop right now go weight the bag and everything.   Now go pick up a Harry Potter book. Now which one would you rather carry around everywhere you go in the next year?

They’re small – Some of the really small ones are small enough to fit in a bum bag and not be noticed.  The more common 10 inch screen models will take up the size of a journal or a hardcover book.

They’re inexpensive – If you watch out for sales you usually can get one for $199 – $300.  The math is easy 1 Macbook Pro or 5 netbooks.  I mean I’ll probably loose it, break it or have it stolen anyway.  A great site to keep an eye on is Liliputings Deals of the day.

Their battery lasts forever – Well maybe not forever but many have 7 or or even 9 hour batteries!  You have to carefully look when you buy them, the same model may be available with a smaller 3 to 4 hour battery.  The newer series coming out in January are going to have 10+ hour battery life.

They’re safer then those netcafe’s – if you can find WiFi you don’t have to worry about keyloggers at cafes stealing your info.  There are other things you can do to secure yourself at cafes but that will be a later post.

The difference between a netbook and a laptop is like the difference between a car and a moped.  They will both get you to where you want to go, but one will take longer and won’t be able to deliver as much.

One of the first things any salesperson will ask if “What are you going to use it for?”  This is where you have to be honest with yourself, what are you really going to use it for?  I mean really.  What you need to consider is how much your going to be doing the following four things:

blogging – Yes. This shouldn’t have any problems.  A netbooks strong points are word processing and surfing.

emailing home – Yes. Again web based mail won’t be a problem.  As long as the country your in doesn’t firewall it.

Photos – Kinda. Photos are where they get weak.  If your going to just back up your photos to the netbook. Yes.  If you need to convert from RAW or want to run Photoshop, probably not.  The HP 311 will do a little better at this since it has a different video card.

Video – Yes and a big NO.  Watching online video yes.  It helps to download the new Adobe Flash 10.1 , which makes a huge differnce.   Editing your own NO.

Later I’ll post the downside of netbooks and why you should consider not taking one.

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Liliputing is giving away a HP Mini  311.  It’s not your average 1.6Ghz Atom N270 with a 11.6 in 1366 x 768 pixel HD display, it also has the NVIDIA ION graphics.  That make it HD movie capable.  The ION graphics are important, along with the new Flash 10.1 make netbooks with ION graphics a light portable computer that travelers should seriously consider. You can even game on it if you get stuck at an airport in a snowstorm.  You’ll also want to look through their coverage of the 311.

photo from liliputing

photo from liliputing

Here is another can’t pass up holiday giveaway.  Contest ends 12:01 am Tuesday December 22.  See the site for details and restrictions.

Via Liliputing


Tiny Travel Laptop?

December 16, 2009

Recently CherryPal announced a new netbook for $99.  At first you think $99 that’s awesome! Other then being one of the first to break the $100 OLPC goal price point, you will need to look closely if this is the right netbook for you. To CherryPals credit they are marketing it as “small, slow, sufficient”. […]

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