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The best online storage – Dropbox

by Scott on February 18, 2011

This is a tip for everyone that uses a computer, whether it’s a Mac, Pc or Linux.  Get a Dropbox account.  It’s dead simple to use.  When you install Dropbox on your computer it creates a folder in your favorites.  Anything that you put in that folder is automatically uploaded to the cloud.  You can access your files from any computer that has internet access.  The biggest benefit is Dropbox will then automatically download those files to any other computer that you have installed it onto.

If you have reliable internet it’s the fastest way to transfer files from one computer to another.  Far faster then sneakernetting a thumbdrive back and forth from computer to computer.  I have Dropbox installed on my Mac, Desktop pc and my laptop. When I move something into the Dropbox folder by the time I get to the other computer that file is already there.

You can get a free account that has 2GB storage.  You can get extra storage by add inviting your friends, friending Dropbox on Facebook. Occasionally they will have a scavenger hunt which gives you more storage. There is an 8GB limit for free accounts.

Use this link to sign up for a new account.   Using this link will help me out by giving me a little bit more storage.


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