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Netbooks – With the new Pine Trail class of Intel processors battery life has nearly doubled while keeping the processing speed roughly the same.  What you’ll see in the next 6 months are netbooks that are similar to what is out today only with up to 14 hour batteries.

There are several other companies dying to put their graphics cards in netbooks.  Intel is simply wrong telling customers that they don’t need to do graphics with netbooks.  Going forward keep an eye on netbooks that have switchable graphics.  The addition of a third party graphics card will allow better HD playback, photo editing and possibly video transfers.  However the small size will always make full video editing difficult.  Via Slashgear

Pixel Qi

Pixel Qi (pronounced pixel Chee)  This is the epaper display that laptop and netbooks will be introducing later this year.  It’s two major innovations are that the display is viewable in direct sunlight and that it uses a fraction of the power a normal display does when in epaper mode. When in normal mode the display uses 2.5 watts and when in epaper mode it uses 0.5 watts.  This will have a significant (positive) impact on battery life.  Put this in a netbook that already has a 14 hour battery life and a travel may only need to charge the laptop once every 3-4 days (if you only used the epaper mode for 8 hours a day).  Going forward look for these to be in a wide array of products and take note the comparison in battery life to non Pixel Qi devices.  Photo via Pixel Qi’s blog Also check out jkkmobles hands on video at CES.

Panasonic 64GB SDXC card

SDXC cards Although horribly expensive right now, Panasonic announced its 64GB cards at CES.  Engadget is also reporting that there may be 1TB cards possibly by the end of the year! 1TB?  That’s just crazy talk.  The SDXC standard supports up to 2TB but this is the first word that it may only be a couple years out.

That would give virtually every laptop, netbook and camera unlimited storage (that would also fit in the change pocket of your jeans).  via Engadget


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