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Travelers Cell Phone Wishlist

by Scott on January 2, 2010

Most people that travel abroad end up getting the cheapest possible cell phone, then they either get different Sim cards or add minutes to them as they travel.  One question for 2010 is with Google coming out with their own phone in a matter of days, plus Apple’s incremental iPhone improvements or release a small tablet and the Droid’s ever increasing App Store; the question is should you look at a smartphone this year instead of the old cheapy throwaway phone?

Here is my wishlist what the perfect travel smartphone will have/do:

N Wireless.  Wireless G would be fine but since it’s a wishlist N gives you better range and more bandwidth.

Google Voice (without a monthly charge).  Skype is a given on all smartphones, but Google voice would allow you to make phone calls from anywhere your connected to WiFi (if that country doesn’t block it).

App Store.  An App Store with name brand apps. I’d rather use the app from a service I already use then a third party.  Dropbox, Nikon Pictown, and each (US) bank has their own for example.

Sim Card.  Many places sell cards that you snap out once you buy them and you have to physically put them in the phone to work.  It needs to be easily accessible however.

A 5Meg camera that does video.  Everything now should be able to do both.

Keyboard.  I have a iTouch and although it’s close to what I am looking for the keyboard throws to many errors while typing.

Under $200 without a contract.  It’s phone, it shouldn’t cost more then a laptop or an entire months living expenses in Thailand.

This isn’t that tall of an order if you think about it other then the price.  Am I missing anything?  What would you add?

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Avoid Costly Smartphone Charges while Traveling

by Scott on December 15, 2009

Taking a Smartphone with you on vacation?  The LaTimes has a great article on how to avoid costly roaming charges (which were up to $69,000 for one German traveler).  Definitely worth a read before calling your carrier to find out how to turn some of these features off.

Another alternative would be to get a different Sim card to use while traveling if your phone supports it.  All of the plans include free incoming SMS text, outbound start at 69¢.  Data plans are still hugely expensive and are best purchased in each individual country if available.

See Telestial (not a sponsored link)


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