The Smart Traveler’s Passport: 399 Tips from Seasoned Travelers

Budget Travel magazine isn’t just about the best travel experience at the lowest price it’s also about traveling “the right way.” Their philosophy, “Vacations for real people,” has led them to their readership for guidance, and this collection of their readers’ best 399 travel tips is an essential addition to any traveler’s library. In The Smart Traveler’s Passport, you’ll learn:

  • 13 different uses for Ziploc bags
  • How dental floss can double as a tape measure
  • Where to find the best street food in cities worldwide
  • How a digital camera can help you find your rental car
  • Why clearing your Web browser’s cache will lead to lower prices on airfare and hotel reservations
  • How to avoid long lines at the world’s most popular attractions

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The Rice Trick

by Scott on December 30, 2009

Rice is something you should be able to find almost anywhere.  If you happen to drop a camera or iPod in the water or it gets wet in the rain, first pull the battery out if possible and do not turn it on.  Next grab something breathable like a coffee filter or tea bags(even a sock if there’s nothing else), then place or wrap the camera in the coffee filter. What you want to prevent is tiny pieces of rice getting stuck in the ports.   Place the camera and coffee filter in a couple cups of dry rice.  The rice will pull the moisture out of the equipment.  Let it sit for a couple days.  Now of course this won’t always work but it is definitely worth a try.

Also if you know your going to an area with high humidity you can bring a small plastic container (anything small enough to put an iPod and camera in at night).  Then just take the tea out of a teabag and replace it with rice.  At night put the small electronics and the rice bag in the box.  That way the rice works like desiccant which are those small bags of stuff that are in boxes of new electronics.  The rice will dehumidify everything overnight.

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5 What’s in Your Backpack Videos!

by Scott on December 29, 2009

For those of us that can never get enough videos of what, why and how people pack for traveling, here are 5 videos plus an after your done packing bonus. In no particular order…

Do make sure to click the links to each site directly for the expanded stories on each!

Gregory Packs  What’s in your pack for the next two years

Matadortv has Nick Vivions video for CurrentTv

Scott and Krystin Dean from Redwinehelpsyousleepontrains has videos for mens and womens packs.

For the photographers out there, Chase Jarvis packs a photographers backpack.

Amber Zuckert from

Nomad Packing Tips from Amber Zuckswert on Vimeo.

The honorable mention goes to Two Backpackers Leaving Hoboken.


8 Reasons to not get a Netbook for Travel

by Scott on December 24, 2009

The screens are small. Some people just can’t get used to a screen that small.  It doesn’t feel like they can do any ‘real’ work on it. They get all hunched over and squinty trying to use it.

The keyboard is cramped.  Some people  (mainly guys) think their hands are to big for the keyboard.  If you think so do a comparison with a normal laptop (one that does not have the 10 keys on the side).  It’s more of an ego thing that threatens their manhood.  Get over it, measure the keyboard.

Is it a want or need? Seriously look at why you want to bring one. Do you really Need it? Are you just bringing it to email home because a phone does that now you know.  You need is one that will do WiFi is all.

Will you break it. If you know your rough on equipment and you plan on chucking it in the bottom of your bag only to use it to ask for more money from home.   Again, get a cell phone.

No CD rom. Not having a floppy is one thing but no DVD?  That’s barbaric.  How are you going to get all those cds ripped into the netbook?  How are you going to burn a cd of pictures to send home to your mom?

You have to keep an eye on it. All the time.  If your going to worry all the time whether its going to get stolen or you take it with you to every bar and nightclub and freakout every time someone uses it as a coaster.  Save yourself the aggravation. Again bring a cell phone.

There are better ones coming out soon. There will always be better ones coming out soon.  This time you may actually want to wait however.  If your not going to be traveling this winter or spring it’s going to be worth it.  Some of the new netbooks are reporting 14 hour battery life.  Also Apple is going to release a 7inch touchpad in January. (I’d expect it to run the iPhone OS).  Which with the iPhones ability to do graphics makes it worth a look to see what it’s capable of.

You want to edit video.   Adding the occasional video to youtube once every couple months is about all your going to want to do.  If you want to do more frequent videos or to vlog your going to want a laptop. But you already knew that.

Saturday I’ll address the rumors surrounding the new Atom processor and the impending Apple release and what it means for travelers.


Dream of Traveling? 2 Free Travel Ebooks!

December 17, 2009

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Avoid Costly Smartphone Charges while Traveling

December 15, 2009

Taking a Smartphone with you on vacation?  The LaTimes has a great article on how to avoid costly roaming charges (which were up to $69,000 for one German traveler).  Definitely worth a read before calling your carrier to find out how to turn some of these features off. Another alternative would be to get a different […]

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