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An Idiot Abroad review.

by Scott on February 7, 2011

Over the weekend I stumbled across An Idiot Abroad in my cable tv lineup.  Which is strange since I don’t get Sky1 or the Science channel.

The premise is Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant send one of their friends, Karl Pilkington, to see the 7 Wonders of the World.  It’s unlike other travel reality shows where people race around to win prizes like on the Amazing Race, which to me doesn’t sound like fun and is more typical of the average Americans vacation anyway, or where you have to survive. It’s also unlike Samantha Brown loving nearly every hotel she’s ever been in or Rachael Rays $40 a day, really?  She must have forgotten what it’s like to be in collage.

The difference with this show is he’s just an average bloke, an it’s funny!  With many reality shows people play to the camera and over exaggerate (see anything with Bear Grylls in it).  This is both funny and completely genuine.

He isn’t very culturally adept, when he asks “why don’t they just…” I usually answered because they have no money and the shirt your wearing probably costs more then they made all month.

I think the funny parts are when he’s really confused about something (which is the whole  show)  because you can see or have been in a similar situation where you have been equally confused.  You look down at a bowl of something put down in front of you and stare wide eyed at the contents.  Is this something your supposed to eat or wash your feet in?  It’s like that!

In all fairness Karl does come around usually and you can tell he starts enjoying the country more.  It just takes a little longer then most travelers.  But then again he’s just an average bloke not really all that interested in traveling.

If you get a chance, catch an episode on the Science channel in America or Sky1 in the UK (I think).  I found it in my OnDemand free area on my cable box, Comcast shows the last 2 episodes.


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