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Favorite Little Things- Tiny Travel Cables

by Scott on January 3, 2010

One of my favorite things to take with me may seem silly but the more I use it the more I like it.  It’s a tiny cable.  The cable came with a Sansa music player that I got so I could listen to audio books from the library since iPods weren’t supported.  You can find them anywhere now.  The cable allows me to not bring a separate power brick for my cell phone.  When using an external drive it’s always right next to me anyway, so there’s no need to bring a 6 ft cord.  There’s no tangling to worry about like with those retractable ones, which sooner or later are going to fail to retract and rats-nest on you.  If you don’t have a memory card slot and need to transfer your photos, the tiny cable works as well as the needlessly longer cable.  Another cable to add would be a 7cm or 20 cm iPod sync cable which you can find at Amazon.  If you bring a laptop or netbook with you everywhere you go anyway you can cut down on clutter with tiny cables.


The Rice Trick

by Scott on December 30, 2009

Rice is something you should be able to find almost anywhere.  If you happen to drop a camera or iPod in the water or it gets wet in the rain, first pull the battery out if possible and do not turn it on.  Next grab something breathable like a coffee filter or tea bags(even a sock if there’s nothing else), then place or wrap the camera in the coffee filter. What you want to prevent is tiny pieces of rice getting stuck in the ports.   Place the camera and coffee filter in a couple cups of dry rice.  The rice will pull the moisture out of the equipment.  Let it sit for a couple days.  Now of course this won’t always work but it is definitely worth a try.

Also if you know your going to an area with high humidity you can bring a small plastic container (anything small enough to put an iPod and camera in at night).  Then just take the tea out of a teabag and replace it with rice.  At night put the small electronics and the rice bag in the box.  That way the rice works like desiccant which are those small bags of stuff that are in boxes of new electronics.  The rice will dehumidify everything overnight.

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It’s Got to be Austria Sweepstakes

by Scott on December 21, 2009

There is no better travel deal then free.  The Austrian National Tourist Office is giving away a 7 day themed vacation for two for people that fan them on Facebook.

When you enter, you select which theme interests you Art, Architecture & Design, Food & Win, Nature, Outdoors & The Alps or Classical Music & Culture.  Yes, yes, yes & yes.    The sweepstakes ends January 15th.  See the site for rules and restrictions.

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An icky travel website you should visit.

by Scott on December 21, 2009

Gadling has a post on website I’m sure not many knew existed.  It’s as helpful as it is gross when you think of it.  It’s The Bedbug Registry.

It looks like it’s like it’s currently just for the US and Canada.  Your first impression is ‘eeew that’s gross’, your next thought is ‘ooh let’s see if there’s anything near me’.  You know just to be safe.  The site includes both Hotels and many apartments.  It may be helpful to point this site out to people you know who are renters or condo owners.

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Extra bag fee finder

December 20, 2009

If your planning a trip and are going to be taking extra bags long, make sure you check out  It’s a tremendously helpful website for planning and may help you decide if you really need that extra bag or not (you might want to bookmark it). For example it shows that for a Delta […]

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