The travel world seems to be agog at the prospect of T-Mobile dropping their international plans.  Can it be true?  Wait I could bring my phone – with me – while I travel?   And use it?  you mean actually use it without having to worry about receiving a bill equivalent to purchasing a small island?  Why yes!  T-Mobile just this May rolled out a business plan that allowed for 1Gb of data per month for only $120.  No more!   International data and texts are included for free.  Calls are a flat rate of 20¢ a minute.  What makes this plan absolutely stunning is when you compare it to other plans.  Sprint has an add on plan for $1 PER megabit.  Craziness.  Looking at just my cell data for the month so far I’m already at 600mb and it’s not the 15th of the month yet.  AT&T is a bit harder to figure out.  The top data plan is $120/month but then you need the separate texting plan also for $60/month as well.  Still better then Sprints but I think having to pay for messaging is ridiculous.

Yes you are able to turn the plans on and off when you need them.  With T-Mobiles you don’t have to worry about it.  This is definitely going after those business users that travel a great deal.  Also this should save those travelers that are traveling extensively or indefinitely.  This should save having to purchase SIM cards in each country they visit.

Great what if I don’t have T-Mobile?

There are so many apps out there that use wifi data for both talk and texting.  Google voice and Skype have very reasonable rates or free rates.  These are so common it’s almost embarrassing to mention.  Just remember to turn off your cellular data and only use wifi.

For texting Whatsapp is a great and hugely popular alternative.  Yes, even given the news about ‘some people might be able to see what your doing if you use public wifi’ news.   Really?  Everyone does realize public wifi isn’t secure right?  It’s free for the first year and 99¢ after that and it’s cross platform meaning you can even use it on any device.


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